Gypsy With Me — The Single

Airstream Gypsy With Me

It’s utterly bizarre to be typing this, but it’s also utterly thrilling to be typing this; “Gypsy With Me” is now officially a single! It’s out in the universe! (iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and all the usual streaming places). I hope that it inspires many magical and interesting adventures!

Gypsy With Me by Sarah Cade

“Gypsy” was the first song that I wrote… ever, just a short year and a half ago. We had just bought our sweet Airstream, Buttercup, and I was really feeling the wanderlust set in with gusto. Maybe it was the whole hitting the half-century mark thing? Maybe it was my 50 before 50 birthday challenge that started this magical singer/songwriter journey in the first place? I needed a journey of some kind. That much is clear.

Music Is Magic

What I didn’t expect when I signed up for my first voice lesson (as part of my 50 before 50), was to some day hear myself say, “I’m a singer/songwriter from Austin.” That wasn’t part of the deal, but I’m so grateful that I’ve discovered a passion and a healthy obsession for writing songs, especially now. I’m not overly thrilled about the performing part, but maybe that comes with experience and time. Maybe. What I absolutely love the most, is the connection that happens when I tell stories of the songs and sing them to people. It fills me up. When someone tells me that a line, a story, an emotion from my music made them cry, or made them feel inspired, or happy, or sad or… anything… well, there’s no greater gift really. It’s a moment in time where we connected. Connection is my biggest and dearest motivation. It’s a complex and moving thing and music is the magic for me. It really is. It’s a universal language that speaks directly to our souls. It’s raw, and basic and powerful.

Now What?

I plan to release the entire album with 12 songs soon. Hoping for March, but (eeeeeek) that’s rapidly approaching. I’ve still got the day job, and the cute husband, 3 senior dogs, 2 amazing kids and sweet Buttercup. What was I thinking? GRIN! I’ve never been great at thinking things through and so I’m happily traipsing along having adventures as the universe sees fit. That’s all. Is that part of the wisdom of being 50ish? Maybe.

And holy cow, what a learning experience this amazing journey has been! I’ve got so many things to write about. I had to find a co-writer (and boy I hit the jackpot when I found Eddy Hobizal, thanks to my vocal coach Merrily) musicians, recording studios. Constantly saying, “Whoa, you can do that?” to my producer. Finding out weird things like different mics make a huge difference with different voices. What’s mixing? Mastering? Huh? Who knew you had to start a publishing company? Join ASCAP or similar organization? Create USIRC codes, figure out ISBN number thingys, find a distributor like TuneCore. How do I create artwork for singles, for the album and figure out if you want to have cds made? What about videos and YouTube? We’re adding in two cover songs on this album, and man, what fun getting mechanical licenses is. (ha!) Oh, and now we’ve got Copyrights recorded and everything. Photos? Don’t get me started… and the list goes on. Follow me on Facebook  or Instagram or right here on my blog to read the back stories if you’re curious. It’s a weird and adventure filled trip, this music thing.

It’s definitely been a joy ride right out of my comfort zone. They say that’s where the magic is. They’re not lying.

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