Flow Writing

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I pulled this card from my Guide Deck one day. I gave myself to writing whatever came through me, without agenda and without self editing. What happened was both surprising and magical. Here’s what flowed out onto the page.

Write! Create! Express! The universe is clear. These are the things you are here to do. Add color, add love, add life, add fun, add courage, and nectar and beautiful things to this world. Bring your beauty to the collective. Let the world be better because of what you are and what you unleash upon this place. Be colorful. Be childlike. Be authentic. Be undeniably and apologetically you. You are unique, an integral part of the whole of the collective… of God. You are of the universe, of nature and mother earth, the stars and the light. You are worthy of shining like the stars. You are here to shine like the full moon, like the full sun — radiant and warm. Stay true to finding your path. Stay resolute in bringing joy! Sling joy, and let yours loose. Let it fly to find the souls that need it, just to feel it through you, through your art; through your songs; through your magic that is only yours, but is also ours. Your magic, your special kind of magic and light, is not yours to hoard and keep to yourself. It is a part of all of us. Share it. Be it. Fill the world around you with your goodness, your unique rhythm, light, your art, your song, your voice. This is why you are here right now. You make this all better. Even if you do not feel you know exactly why you are here yet, keep walking in the faith that you are an important light here. Take off the shade and shine bright. Be kind. Be love. Be light.

It felt like I was the recipient of a Divine gift. I felt almost transported, trance-like, peaceful. It felt like my brain went to sleep, but my fingers did not. It’s difficult to describe, but when I read, and then re-read what I had written, I was, and remain, grateful and surprised. It doesn’t even sound like my voice, yet I received the message. I think it’s beautiful. Magical. Devine.

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