Updated Again! Birthday Challenge Update

Sarah Cade singing at mic
When your biggest fans are your puppies, you sing for them in the living room.

Someone asked me the other day how my birthday challenge was going and I realized that I hadn’t updated it in awhile. I’ve written a lot of songs. I was worried that challenging myself to write 55 songs this year would be difficult, but since September, I’ve written 29 41 songs, including 3 kids songs. It’s funny when the silly kids songs pop up out of nowhere. It’s not too surprising though, (in the words of Jimmy Buffet) “I’m growing older, but not up!” My silly streak remains in tact! I’ve got until the end of August to finish. As far as the other things on the list, it’s slow going with the Pandemic, especially the travel goals. Oh how I miss traveling!

  • Write 55 Songs (they don’t all have to have music or be “keepers”)
    1. Redhead Blue – recording now
    2. Untame My Heart (Karen Novy – co-writer) –RELEASED!!
    3. When It’s Time (Karen Novy – co-writer)
    4. Misogyny, Hypocrisy
    5. The Last time
    6. I Don’t Mind
    7. Cowboy On Spring Street
    8. I Hear Tears
    9. Sure Enough’s Not Good Enough
    10. His Love
    11. No Choice
    12. Help Me Stay Gone
    13. Impossible Choices
    14. The Song of Forgiveness
    15. Sweet Dreams My Baby – recording now
    16. Crying, Crying, Crying
    17. No More
    18. Inmate 60624
    19. Love is What Remains (Karen Novy – co-writer, Sue Paine Luther – co-writer)
    20. I Need Your Heart (David O Cooper – co-writer) Getting a demo cut at a studio in Nashville with Adam Fears
    21. Seeds of Love (Karen Novy – co-writer)
    22. Yes, Please! (Children’s Song)
    23. Candle In the Window
    24. Normal Ain’t Normal
    25. Odd Duck (Children’s Song)
    26. Stories About Strangers
    27. Unfriend
    28. I Listen Now
    29. When I’m Finished Loving You
    30. Rock-A-Bye Roisin
    31. What I’m Looking For
    32. You Say That Now
    33. Ready, Set, …! (Sarah Peterson – co-writer)
    34. When You Love Someone This Way
    35. Wonder-Full
    36. Life Keeps Getting Better
    37. He’s My Baby
    38. When You Look At Me That Way
    39. Now’s The Time (David O Cooper – co-writer)
    40. Watch Love Grow (Co-Write with Karen Novy)
    41. Love Is What Remains (Co-Write with Karen Novy and Sue Paine Luther)
    42. If You Loved Me Too (Co-Write with Lyn Koonce)
    43. Tiny Moments (Co-Write with Sarah Peterson)
    44. Austin Saturday Night
    45. Roots To Boots (Co-Write with Sarah Peterson)
    46. Zephyr Rides a Hardtail
    47. Masterpiece Across The Sky (Co-Write with Lyn Koonce)
    48. I Know
    49. If You Aren’t Failing
    50. When The Piney Woods Burned Down
    51. Flying High Now
    52. That Was Before
    53. Cliche Song
  • Release 5 Singles – Currently working on recording 4 songs with my producer Eddy Hobizal at Treehouse Studio in Austin, TX.
    • Busy BluesRelease TBD
    • Jumpin’ JesusRelease TBD
    • Untame My Heart – Release April 30th, 2021
    • Sweet Dreams – Almost done recording!! This one is different from anything else I’ve done!
  • Visit 5 New State Parks
    1. Fort Cobb State Park in Fort Cobb, OK
    2. Lake Livingston State Park in Livingston, TX
  • Visit 5 National Parks
    1. Hot Springs National Park
  • Visit 5 States
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Arkansas
  • Read 5 Books (real hold in your hands books)
    1. Daisy Jones and the Six (***) Interesting format. I had to look it up to be sure it was fiction!
    2. The Heart’s Invisible Furies (reading now)
  • Read/Listen to 15 Audio Books
    1. Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson (*****)
    2. Luster by Raven Leilani (***)
    3. You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero (****) I want to go drink a beer with this woman.
    4. Ink and Sigil by Kevin Hearne (****)
    5. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (****)
    6. One Minute Out by Mark Greeney
    7. The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett (****)
    8. Blood Song by Anthony Ryan (****)
    9. Anxious People by Fredrik Backman (*****) He’s written several of my favorite books. They stick with you.
    10. Bear Town (currently listening to)
  • Write 55 Letters (16 so far)
  • Learn 5 of my songs on Guitar
    1. Redhead Blue
    2. Let’s Just Sing
  • Learn 5 Songs on the Piano
  • Play 5 gigs
  • Sell 5 Paintings
  • Take Art Welding Classes – I’ve got information from ACC about classes!!
  • Volunteer (at least) 5 times
  • Try 55 New Things
    1. Velvet Taco Restaurant
    2. Virtual Yosemite Songwriting Retreat (****) loved it!
    3. Virtual Open Mic at Yosemite Songwriting (got through it!)
    4. Virtual Tin Pan South Songwriting Seminar (meh)
    5. Ola Maie Take-Out (meh)
    6. Emapanada Trailer at S 1st and Oltorf (meh)
    7. Coffee Dog in Bastrop (meh)
    8. Mrs Johnson’s Bakery Bastrop (meh)
    9. Camping on the coast in our camper Sargent Beach RV We stayed for 5 days and really enjoyed the laid back, quiet strip of coastline
    10. Tried Carne Lenta in Smithville, TX (pretty good, not my favorite tacos ever, but lots of meat and homemade tortillas!)
    11. Glass Blowing: I took a one-on-one, socially distanced, open-air studio, glass blowing session at Lost Pines Art Center. I can see how this art could get expensive and addicting very quickly. I would be happy just blowing spheres. There’s something magical about glass! Here’s the sun catcher I made (with help).
    12. Biderman’s Deli
    13. Sister’s Songwriting Retreat (virtual retreat based in Sisters, OR)

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